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Terms And Conditions:

Users of Stat File Web Site do so at their own risk. NO Warranties, Expressed or Implied apply unless otherwise noted. Property of this website is solely owned by StatFile and may not be copied or reproduced in anyway without permission. Logo’s, and other material are protected by US Copyright, US Patent and Trademark Office. It is the policy of Stat File that NO consumer information shall be shared, sold or otherwise passed to another party that is not directly associated with a transaction. Releases to other parties are available at our location, should you wish your information to be shared with other SPECIFIC individuals such as physician or attorney.

Charges for Services: / Refund Policy

All sales are considered FINAL, once a process, test, or action to fulfill a requested sale has begun, whereby no refund will be issued or authorized, UNLESS such test or service is deemed by Stat File or it’s suppliers to be defective in anyway. In such case, Stat File is only liable for the cost of the test and buyer accepts this policy as terms and conditions of using this site. Payments accepted on this site include but are not limited to, Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express and may change at any time without notice. In the event of a return charge for any reason other than listed above, buyer agrees to accept full liability for any and all recovery cost, for such charge, including but not limited to return fees, interchange fees, processing fees, court fees and associated attorney fees to recover all cost associated with this return charge. By using this site, buyer fully agrees to these terms and conditions as listed above. Buyer also agrees that by using this site, Any transactions of this site, rules of this site, and enforcement, shall fall exclusively under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia.