Get A COVID-19 Live Swab or PCR test for 45% Off in as little as 20 minutes.

Covid testing is now available in Virginia Beach at StatFile testing center.  No waiting or Doctor required.  Serving Hampton Roads.

Please note: All symptomatic patients will be tested in a reserved space outside to keep other’s safe.

All testing overseen by our Medical Director, Dr. Michael Picio, DO.

Viral COVID-19 Test (PCR Testing)

    • A Viral test is a test for current infection (usually a nasal swab or saliva sample). If you have symptoms, you should have this test. Stat File offers both the Saliva and Nasal PCR.


Traveling to Japan?
Stat File is one of very few clinics in Virginia approved by the Japanese Embassy for those traveling to Japan by offering specific RT-PCR testing.

Rapid vs. Lab Tests

Rapid Test

rapid covid test virginia beach norfolk

Stat File offers both the Covid Rapid Antigen Test and the XPRESS RT PCR. The Rapid Antigen allows you to choose results within minutes or by end of day.  The XPRESS RT-PCR provides options from 90 minute, same day next day or second day. Under this would be a good spot for the  “Confused? Click here for the facts of Antigen vs. PCR.

Lab Test

covid lab test virginia beach

Stat File offers various lab-based Covid RT-PCR test from the most accurate and respected labs in the country. Stat File also maintains an in house lab for covid RT-PCR test. RT-PCR test are considered the Gold Standard in Covid Testing. The difference is simply wait time, and whether the patient prefers Nasal or the less invasive Saliva testing. By offering both in-house testing, and test provided by outside labs, we are able to offer testing when others may not have test available.  This also allows us to provide better result times including a 90 minute option. NOTE: DUE TO THE RECENT SURGES ACROSS THE COUNTRY WE HAVE ON OCCASION HAD TEST RESULTS DELAYED. STAT FILE HAS NO CONTROL OVER DELAYS WHICH MAY OCCUR. WHILE THESE DELAYS ARE RARE, THEY CAN HAPPEN!

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Can I get tested for COVID-19 if I am asymptomatic?

With StatFile, you can be tested whether you are showing symptoms (symptomatic) or not showing symptoms (asymptomatic). If you have symptoms, we will test you in our parking lot in a reserved space.

Symptoms include: Fever, Cough, Shortness of breath, Chills, Shaking with chills, Loss of taste or smell, Muscle pain, Headache, Sore throat.

When you come in for testing, we want you to feel comfortable that we are not inviting symptomatic individuals inside.

Why get tested for COVID-19 if I don’t have symptoms?

Were you recently exposed?
Did you arrive from a “hot spot” location?
Do you plan to visit a friend or relative who may be vulnerable?
Are you traveling to a location that requires that you arrive with a negative test result? (“Fit to Fly” testing)<
Are you returning to campus?, etc?
Peace of mind?

Will my insurance cover the cost?

StatFile is not in network with any insurer. The CARES ACT seems to require that all insurers cover certain COVID-19 related tests, even if they are out of network. We will provide you with a receipt of payment which you can submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement.

Testing times

Lab Based Test, Blood or Saliva – Normal turnaround times, without shipping, or lab delayed due to exceptionally high volume can be as short as 36 hours. Ask the technician when you call about current results times.

Can I change my mind after booking/paying?

With all Covid-19 tests, the sale is final. Once we open the sterile, secure test kit, the test is then considered “in progress”. As such, we cannot cancel the test, thus, all sales are final, no exceptions.

Is my test reported anywhere?

The CDC, FHA, and Virginia Department of Health require, that ALL TEST, BOTH POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE, be reported to these authorities.