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Stat File offers physical exams and more in the Virginia Beach / Norfolk area. All of our services are performed by an experienced medical staff, including board certified Physicians, Physician Assistants, Medical Technologists, Certified DOT Examiners and more.

We are here to help with fast, reliable physical exams, drug/alcohol tests and medical lab services. If you need a physical exam and are in a time constraint, Stat File can provide fast, low cost care.

All testing overseen by our Medical Director, Dr. Michael Picio, DO.


We offer the following physical exams:

  • Pre-employment physical
  • DOT physical
  • School physical
  • Sports physical


Department of Transportation Physicals performed by a Certified DOT Examiner. A DOT Physical Exam aims to get a better look at your current health status to determine if you can safely operate a commercial vehicle. A typical DOT exam will include; a medical history review, a vision and hearing tests, a cardiovascular system check, urinalysis, and a general exam: to assess of all your body’s systems focusing on everything from muscle strength to hernias and chronic pain to neurological function.


Pre-Employment or Physical Assessment Testing for physically exerting jobs such as warehouse, building or plant work… Most pre-employment physicals require varying levels of testing as different job descriptions will require different levels of performance and therefore differing levels of examination. For a driving position (as an example) it is important that vision and hearing are tested. For a data processing position, the hearing test may not be so important. Some employment posts require the strength and stamina to lift heavy items and so the strength and flexibility of the individual may need testing, while other positions may need drug testing to be incorporated.If you have any pre-existing conditions, it may also be necessary to advise the examiner of such. You may not fail a physical exam due to mental health problems or because you had a heart attack years ago, but it is important that it is recorded for your safety in the future.


You’re busy, and chances are your kids are too. Or if you need an exam while in college or for continuing education, chances are you’re just as busy and your time is just as valuable. Going to a doctor’s appointment during the week’s regular business hours isn’t feasible for everyone. That’s why we offer flexible clinic hours at Stat File. You can bring your child in for a school physical when it’s most convenient for you. During a school physical examination, our certified clinician will record your child’s height and weight, examine eyes, ears, nose and throat, check vision and hearing, check breathing function along with heart and lungs, take blood pressure, screen for conditions like scoliosis, check on your child’s physical and motor development, depending on age, discuss your family medical history and ask about allergies, medical conditions, and any prescription or non-prescription medications your child is taking.


While a sports physical exam is not intended to replace a comprehensive annual wellness exam and other screenings, it is necessary prior to competing in many athletic programs. Not only does Stat File aim to be the most convenient health care option for local Sports Physicals, we also aim to be the most affordable. Our staff will first review the athlete and the family’s medical history as well as review any prescriptions or dietary supplements. The physician assistant will then do a general physical exam to check the ears, nose, throat, heart, lungs, and abdomen as well as take a height and weight measurement. Then, they will do a vision check. Your child/athlete will get their blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and heart rate checked. Once that is done, they will have their flexibility, joints, posture, and strength assessed. To finish off the physical, a urine test will be taken to screen for indicators of any underlying medical conditions such as diabetes.

Why Stat File?

  • Stat File is not an Urgent Care of Physician Office – reducing your risk and exposure to Flu or Covid
  • Appointments are very timely – No Wait!
  • DOT clients receive their medical card the same day
  • Titers, TB and other specific lab test also available

If you or your child need a sports physical or other physical exam such as a DOT Physical, please contact us directly.
In addition to offering Physicals at our office in Virginia Beach, we also provide DNA testing, Paternity tests, Drug tests and Employee Screening for local businesses.